Water Birth

Benefits of Water Birth:

  • Increases comfort
  • Eases labor pain
  • Helps shorten labor
  • Provides a feeling of security and privacy for the mom
  • Increases the mom’s feeling of being in control
  • Facilitates helpful positions for the baby’s passage
  • Moms are often able to catch their own babies in the water
  • Provides a gentle transition for the baby


gray-vertical-barMany of the babies in our practice are born into water. Laboring or birthing in water can provide gentle yet powerful pain relief for women and can facilitate a gentle birth for the baby.

A Tub for Our Clients

Two Rivers Midwifery has a tub that we offer to clients free of charge. It is the right size for both a laboring woman and her birth companion to soak. It has a heater and can be placed anywhere in the home that is roomy enough and is within reach of a hot water source via a long garden hose. Each client uses a personal liner in the tub so there is no risk of contamination.

Is Water Birth for You?

Our experience has been that some clients are very clear that laboring and birthing in the water is the only way for them. Others aren’t sure, but would like to have it available as an option. Some of our clients birth in the water and some don’t. Most enjoy the tub for some portion of their labors but some never use it at all.