“Birth is as safe as life gets”

- Harriette Hartigan

Home birth is a safe and natural option for most moms and babiesHome birth is a safe and natural option for most women.  We work with our clients to optimize their health to support healthy pregnancy and birth.  We evaluate any risks or concerns that arise at each visit and throughout your labor to make sure that we quickly recognize and respond to potential problems.  About 10% of our clients give birth in the hospital because of risks in the pregnancy or birth and we go with you to hospital to continue to provide direct support and information.  Well structured studies on planned home birth with a trained midwife have shown again and again that home birth for low risk women is as safe or safer than hospital birth and involves much fewer interventions


The Journal of Midwifery and Women’s health published a major study of 16,924 planned home births in North America in 2014 that showed once again that home birth is safe for low risk women. The rates of medical intervention for home births were dramatically lower than those in the hospital. 10.9% of women in the study who planned home births were transferred to the hospital. The medical intervention rates for women who transferred to the hospital were also significantly lower than those for a similar group of women with low-risk pregnancies and planned hospital births. The cesarean rate for women planning a home birth was only 5.2% in comparison to the 32.7% overall cesarean section rate in the US.  Rates of neonatal mortality were not significantly different from hospital rates and 97.7% of babies in the study were breastfed at 6 weeks postpartum.

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