Classes and Events

We would love to see you at one of our classes or events!

Silke Akerson teaches regularly at midwifery and herbalism conferences and offers local classes on a variety of women’s health and family health issues. Please contact us if you would like a particular class that you don’t see offered.

November 13-15, 2015
Portland Plant Medicine Gathering
Women’s Health workshops TBA
NCNM, Portland, OR

June 30, 2015
Risk Assessment for Midwives
Jacksonville, OR

June 7, 2015 2:00-4:00 pm
Two Rivers Client Reunion Picnic!
We miss you all and would love to see you and your growing babies, kids, and teenagers (!) so we’ve finally scheduled a client reunion in the new park in Cully. Bring a blanket and a potluck snack and we’ll see you there!
Khunamokwst Park. 5200 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR 97218

October 25, 2014
Vaginal Ecology Workshop
Come learn about vaginal health and balance! In optimal health the vagina is a resilient and self-balancing organ, but physical and emotional stresses can lead to occasional or chronic imbalance, infection, and pain. I will talk about the bacterial ecology and pH of the vagina in health and in sickness and will address healing on a physical, emotional and relationship level. I will use real stories to cover multiple remedies for the two most common vaginal imbalances: Yeast and Bacterial Vaginosis. This class will be useful for anyone with a vagina who is interested in self-care and self-knowledge.
Alma Movement Space, Portland, OR

March 8, 2014
Healing with herbs for babies and children
Join herbalist and midwife Silke Akerson for this class on safely using herbs and other natural remedies with babies and children. The class will cover easy-to-use remedies for common ailments, age and weight appropriate dosage, setting up a basic home pharmacy, and resources for further learning.
Alma Movement Space, Portland, OR