Home Birth

Individualized, Respectful Care

Home birth is both normal and profound. Birth at home allows a woman to labor and give birth in her own best way with minimal intervention in a familiar environment. When we arrive at the home of a laboring woman we strive to maintain an unobtrusive presence while attending to the health and safety of the mother and baby. We watch, we listen, we feel, we wait, we evaluate. Sometimes we knit. When something needs to be done we do it. When nothing needs to be done we allow things to unfold naturally. We are always attuned to the process. When a woman needs continuous hands-on labor support we provide it. When a woman needs to be left alone we leave the room. We reassure laboring mothers and their loved ones when things are progressing normally.

Gentle Welcoming for Babies

We strive to create a gentle, loving, respectful welcoming for each new baby. There is mounting scientific evidence for what we have known all along. Babies are curious, aware, sentient beings. They feel and express a full range of human emotions. We handle babies tenderly and respectfully. We evaluate our care procedures from a baby’s point of view – always looking for ways to give babies what they really need from their midwives. We take this responsibility seriously. We know that the experience of birth and welcoming stays with babies for the rest of their lives.

We Help Loved Ones Participate With Confidence

We regularly evaluate what we do and don’t do at a birth. It used to be that the midwives caught the babies. As the years pass an increasing number of our clients or their partners are catching their own babies while we provide any needed technical guidance. Most women labor instinctively and more efficiently when they are undisturbed or attended by an intimate partner. If all is well, we favor the less-is-more approach and focus on helping a woman and her loved one(s) be the active participants in the process.